Moments of Truth Cartoon Social Chatter: Get Beyond the “Chatter” You Want to Hear to Focus on What Matters

Motista's Moments of Truth Cartoon Social Chatter

Get Beyond the “Chatter” You Want to Hear to Focus on What Matters

This is the seventh in Motista’s series of cartoons by award-winning cartoonist Tom Fishburne, titled “Moments of Truth.” We’re looking forward to your input on this cartoon. To say thanks for your input, we will send the first five folks who comment a print of this “Marketoon” signed by Tom (U.S. addresses only).

There’s nothing like a good consumer quote for a presentation or meeting. One good verbatim quote injects “consumer perspective” and “truth” into the discussion.

The truth is that the consumer should always be front and center in the marketing conversation. And social media, of course, lets us read minute-by-minute what passionate consumers are saying about our brands.

This slightly more real and hard-hitting Marketoon created by Tom Fishburne for Motista simply exposes how current research options actually separate us from what’s really motivating our consumers. In a continuous state of compromise, the marketer here has to consider the expense, the wait, the time and the faults of existing options.

The fact is we’re in a faster moving, data-driven world. Intelligence solutions need to adapt to fit into this new world—especially those that help us understand and connect with consumers. Companies—and market researchers—who rely on decades-old methods risk falling behind. And while social media provides unprecedented convenience, does it really tell us the “why” in what’s motivating consumers in their lives? We know that consumers don’t often express—or even consciously know—their deepest, most personal motivations. We can easily garner their opinions on products and features. But does someone readily admit or acknowledge that they’re buying a brand to fit in? Or to look successful?

Marketers know that more connected customers—customers who see your brand as a means to attaining something important in their lives—are better customers. They’re more likely to buy, pay more and even advocate for you to their friends or on social media. “Consumer connection” is a precious asset to boost business performance. But, we as marketers still struggle to deliver on it.

This Marketoon, in my opinion, is a call for us to be more progressive. Motista’s clients want high-quality consumer intelligence right now, as they solve problems and build campaigns. For them, “what’s most motivating consumers” is always front and center.

For your next meeting, don’t just settle for a quote. Surprise everyone with current, data-driven intelligence on what’s really motivating consumers to buy.

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About Alan Zorfas

A 30-year marketing veteran, Alan Zorfas co-founded Motista with Scott Magids in 2007. He has led the creation of its breakthrough consumer intelligence product and is now driving the company’s go-to-market plan.
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5 Responses to Moments of Truth Cartoon Social Chatter: Get Beyond the “Chatter” You Want to Hear to Focus on What Matters

  1. avatar Lori Ruff says:

    I love the cartoon. It highlights the mindset of looking for the easiest rather than the best. So many people get into social media and social networking thinking it’s free and the magic wand of success. But it, like everything else, takes a lot of hard work and dedication and focus on your goal. I’d love a signed print of this!

    And perhaps one that highlights how brazen people are to ask for recommendations from people they’ve never met, let alone people who’ve actually experienced their work!

  2. great post! a couple of years ago, i wrote a piece about the risks of using social media as a research tool — i believe my points are still valid: Proceed with Caution: Use Social Media Carefully to Listen to Consumers
    – denise lee yohn
    p.s. i love tom fishburne’s work and your collaboration with him is a brilliant idea!

  3. This cartoon is great! It depicts the honest reality of what some PR companies and marketers are doing (or wish they could do!) now with the overwhelming amount of data via social media. Keep the great cartoons coming! Thanks.

  4. Very sharp – shows how careful we need to be with social media analysis. Can be a lot of ego-stroking when its the voice of the people not choosing to engage with social media that we most need to hear! “Don’t settle for a quote..” is a good summary.

  5. avatar doug chavez says:

    Brilliant! I have countless stories from my brand marketing days of conversations that look pretty much just like that.

    Well done.

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